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  "I went to Pat for acupuncture to quit smoking. I am very pleased with the results. Unlike other times I attempted to quit I have not had any headaches. The affirmation helped me face my addiction directly and gain control. Acupuncture has empowered me to quit with ease. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to quit smoking!"


"Hi Pat. I know how effective it (stop smoking acupuncture) is. January 30th will be 5 years (smoke free) for me after 1 treatment from you..... I was 2+ packs-a-day for 30 years. Thank you for that help."




Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

Did you know acupuncture has a very effective treatment to help you or your friends to quit smoking? A study completed in Perrysburg Ohio with 6,500 people resulted in 85% of the participants able to quit with only one treatment. The one hour session is considered to be a detox treatment and most people report the urge to smoke is gone.

For those that need more work than the six needles for the treatment, they can help themselves with a simple affirmation statement they repeat several times a day. This is positively stated such as: “I am so happy that I choose to be smoke free”. This helps to keep the will firmly in the forefront and supports one to reinforce and strengthen their resolve. After all, cigarettes have been a persons ‘best friend’ for the several years that you have smoked. It has been there for you when you celebrate, when you are anxious, when you have a deadline to meet, when you are angry, when you want to relax, when you can’t sleep or when you had a bad dream and for all the stressful times.

It is also important to adopt effective stress management practices in your life style because a cigarette does reduce stress. So you have got to replace it! Many choose a regular massage, some do tai chi, yoga, or workout regularly, and a few people meditate or get acupuncture to manage stress. Try an assortment of things for yourself and choose what you like the best for your daily stress management. Finally, and perhaps best of all, the one acupuncture treatment to quit smoking costs less than two cartons of cigarettes. This treatment is locally available at Eden World in Yellow Springs, Tipp City, and Centerville.

Patricia Worth, RN, MS, LAc. Has 15 years Experience in acupuncture and 45+ years in Medicine as an RN.

Acupuncture can be used to cure or manage a variety of health issues.

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