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Dayton Acupuncture consists of a group of people dedicated to various Oriental Medical practices. Introducing the team... more

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Two Locations

Pat Worth practices her craft in three locations:  In Centerville (South of Dayton) and in Tipp City (North of Dayton). locations


We appreciate your referrals.  Please consider Patricia Worth, RN, MS, L.Ac. when you refer your patients to Acupuncture as a complementary modality to your treatments.  Please consider sending us a testimonial.

Our Experts

Pat Worth

Patricia Worth, RN, MS, L.Ac.

Pat comes to the oriental medicine practice with experience as a registered nurse since 1961.  Pat hails from Dayton, Ohio. She worked in home health for over ten years, psychiatric nursing for eight years, intensive care for one year, medical and surgical units for five years and community social services for four years.

She has been trained in and practiced multiple oriental bodywork since 1985, such as Amma, Tui Na, jin shin jyutsu, and Acupressure.  Pat also does Qi Gong Acupuncture when necessary in the clinic.

Ms Worth is a teacher of Shiatsu. She has certificates totaling over 1,500 hours in Alternative Modalities training and nineteen years of Adjunctive Therapy.

Pat has post-graduate training in Oriental Medicine in multiple areas. Her specialty areas include addictions, GI problems (IBS or reflux), GYN, and neurological treatments for strokes, spinal cord injuries, carpel tunnel, and neuropathies.

She obtained her Master of Science in Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, a four year college in Oakland California. She is a registered nurse, since 1961, and has many years experience in medical, surgical, psychiatry, intensive care, and home health nursing. She started her private practice in Acupuncture in late 1996.

And, finally, she is a founding faculty member of the SHI Traditional Chinese Acupuncture School in Lebanon Ohio. LinkedIn


Natasha Yushanov, Reiki and EFT

Natasha comes to us with over 15 years of training and experience in the healing arts.
She is a practitioner of and is a certified master in Reiki, and Nikawa and has extensive training and experience in EFT and related modalities. These healing methods include hands-on treatment similar to acupuncture and massage as well as counseling techniques and work well with nearly all other methods: traditional techniques, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbalism, chiropractic and conventional medicine.

Ni Kawa is an advanced form of Reiki, which is an energetic treatment. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique which uses tapping of specific acupuncture points with directed affirmation by your experienced and well trained coach.

EFT clients have experienced immediate relief and release of phobias, pain, childhood trauma, PTSD symptoms, ADHD depression, insomnia, panic attacks, emotional imbalance such as anger, sadness, cravings and addictions and self sabotaging behaviors. Natasha has been successful with both adults and children. She also provides instruction for the continuation of the healing process and the restoring of personal harmony through self care practices.

Natasha has used these methods to treat and resolve her own traumas and unexplained phobias (most of us have a few). Her unique blend of methods is aimed at immediate relief and support of personal efforts to restore balance and realize potential.

Sessions may be scheduled in office (Centerville location) or via Skype.
Natasha Yushanov

Carol Knight

Carol Knight, Reflexologist

Carol is a certified reflexologist having graduated from the Universal College of Reflexology in 2003. She became interested in reflexology in the late 60’s after finding a book about it in a used bookstore.

Ms Knight began treating it on friends and family for menstrual cramps and sinus headaches. The results were as expected because they got relief. Ms Knight says it best, in her own words, "I was excited when I found a reflexologist to do my feet. I went regularly because it was relaxing, stress reducing and provided help with my health issues".

Carol has been a reflexologist for many years and comes to us from West Virginia via Middletown Ohio.

Pat believes she is the best reflexologist from here to California. Welcome to the team. Carol.

Reflexology is hand and foot massage therapy. Its success is attributed to fact that both the hands and feet have areas that reflect the entire body.

Carol works out of the Centerville office.  contacts / locations

Jonathan Flanery

Jonathan Flanery, Medical Astrologer

Jon uses charts for medical evaluations to back up and clarify the diagnoses of health care professionals and to answer a wide range of questions that his clients and friends ask. visit his website



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