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This is who we are...

Our philosophy is to help the body to heal itself by treating the whole person. This begins with an initial evaluation and the development of a treatment program tailored to your needs. Our methods include traditional chinese medicine, nutrition, practices you can do at home, and the best advice we can determine for your situation. We treat a wide range of conditions. Recently, we have added methods for recovery from stroke, infertility, as well as support for chemotherapy and radiation patients. We also offer a stop smoking treatment which has proven itself 85% effective with one treatment and cosmetic acupuncture such as facelifts. more about us
Neck and Back Pain

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Acupuncture is Awesome
Acupuncture can be a stand alone treatment or may be combined with other modalities such as massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, or even if necessary, with surgery. Research dating back to the 1970’s has documented that a combination of therapies is most effective in health recovery and restoration.

Work Injuries

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What to Expect
People with severe conditions that have been present for a long time may require 3-4 courses of treatment. One course of treatment is 12 sessions. You can cut that number down quite a bit by helping yourself with your homework.


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Free Therapies
We teach you about free adjunct therapies to help you recover with fewer treatments, saving you money. We give instruction in how to use food, self massage, compresses or poultices, moxabustion, qi gong / exercises, and meditation practices as your free therapy.







People with severe conditions that have just appeared. such as Bell’s Palsy, can often recover with only 6 – 8 sessions when they obtain acupuncture within a few days of the onset of symptoms and receive acupuncture 2-3 x a week.

Children (under 18) and very healthy people often recover with 1 – 3 treatments.


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